Time to Paint the Porch Railing Again… Maybe Not!

Nothing adds more elegance or style to a home than maintenance free vinyl railing or maintenance free ornamental aluminum railing.  Nothing decreases your time maintaining your home quite like vinyl or aluminum or metal railings.  Unfortunately, most porch and deck railings are only available as a prepackaged stale design that may or may not complement your home’s unique style.  Lesser brands are typically constructed of poor quality material imported from China.  Digger vinyl railing and Ultra Aluminum Ornamental Aluminum railings provides complete custom designs and colors that coordinate with any style of home from new construction to turn of the century homes.  However, Digger & Ultra Aluminum are only half of the necessary ingredients to create a successful installation. 

Utilizing a company that employs some of the most talented installers in the area is an absolute necessity.  Experience should be demanded, and consumers should require that their installers not be learning as they go on your installation.  Older homes often have porches and stairs that are not evenly spaced.  This is a complicated installation for most companies, however, for experienced installers it is simple problem to solve.    

There are many brand names currently on the market for vinyl railings and ornamental aluminum railings.  Unfortunately, the difference in the quality of the vinyl or aluminum is nearly impossible for a consumer to detect.  What makes vinyl railing strong and weather resistant is the wall thickness, and the chemicals that go into it; chemicals which are invisible to the human eye.  It’s critical to go with a manufacturer and a retailer which have been in the business a long time, and possess a good reputation which they want to maintain.  Digger Specialties has been serving the industry for 26 years, and they offer a Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of their vinyl railings.  Ultra Aluminum has consistently put out high quality American Made Ornamental Aluminum Railings since 1996.  The only company with railing constructed of high strength Ultrum Alloy with a minimum strength of 35,000 psi.  Railing that is strong as steel, but will never rust!  Their Powercoat Finish is twice the thickness and hardness of a typical acrylic, baked enamel making it more durable, fade resistant and scratch-resistance than other coatings.  Ultra’s ornamental aluminum railing also has 20 percent more aluminum in all of the rails with a full 8 ribs inside.  All backed by a lifetime warranty – what else can you look for in an ornamental aluminum railing. 

So before you begin your annual spring project of repainting your porch or deck railings, take a look at some of the options available from Digger Specialties (www.diggerspecialties.com) and Ultra Ornamental Aluminum (www.ultrafence.com).  For some vinyl railing design options, take a look at the Elyria Fence Vinyl Railing Design Page (http://www.elyriafence.com/Vinyl_Railings.html  ) .  If you’re interested in ornamental aluminum railing design options, take a look at the Elyria Fence Ornamental Aluminum and Metal Railing Design Options page (http://www.elyriafence.com/Ornamental_Aluminum_Railing.html ) by clicking here.